Why Apple fanboys buy the most expensive camera year after year

Once my classmate was moving from bench to bench asking for an Apple charger. Later she moved to the staff room and admin office but still no luck. I began to thank my stars as one of the Android guys. And so got the inspiration to write this article. After all, those scores of guys buying Apple iPhone must have some plus points to buy the most expensive camera made…year after year. And what they are missing.

Point No 1 – No USB Charger

Lets begin with the charger. While Android users have tons of options from chargers to power banks, Apple users can actually void their warranty if they use anything other than the official Apple charger. And Apple users cannot even carry a wire around because of the voltage problem.

Point No 2 – Expandable storage

Pricing of various versions of Apples phones are based on storage. This is ridiculous. Apple refuses to adopt the micro SD card slot. Extra storage spikes up the price. While Apple users have to shell out extra money for storage, Android users buy the largest and the fastest SD card and they are good to go.

Point No 3 – No need for iTunes

Want to use your iPhone with the PC or laptop, there is no other way except iTunes. Don’t even ask why. With Android, it is just plug and play. The charging cable can be used to plug in the handset. You get storage visible and can transfer files as you wish. Apple wants you to go wireless. But wireless consumes battery.

Point No 4 – Lightening port

Except for the Apple phones, no one and nothing uses Lightening ports. A USB cable on the other hand can be used with chargers, data banks, laptop charging and so on. One charger plugged in can charge multiple phones in a family, one after the other.
Apple usually ends up copying lots of old Android features. Which means that future phones will have the USB-C connector. But right now Apple fanboys need to carry that extra cable around.

Point No 5 – 3.5 mm or the Headphone jack

Scores of Android phone still sport the headphone jack. Using a wired headphone is very common. Two people sharing a single ear phone is seen everywhere. It is so convenient to carry one inexpensive pair of headphone. Apple fanboys carry one too. But it is the most expensive headphones made by humans!

Point No 6 – Boring Home Screen for Apple fanboys

Apple home screen cannot be changed. No matter what. It is the basic identity of Apple fan boys. But for Android users, there is not only the customizable Home Screen, but widgets and launchers. Hundred of screen customization. A launcher for Android is hours of endless fun and nothing is boring any more.

I have heard many users requesting that their iPhone screen to look as Android. Sorry, that is not possible.

Point No 7 – No back button

Android is never going to let go of the back button. And Apple is never going to adopt it. Why? Because Apple has made its fan boys hooked on to the home button so much that they think that back button is not needed. Android is much clever. Back button ensures that you always exit an app out of habit. This means lesser apps running in background. Also your thumb need not go all the way up to the top of the screen to hit the back arrow of each app.

Point No 8 – There is no inexpensive iPhone

Everyone knows, Apple fanboys buy the handset just to flaunt it as a status symbol. How many people whom you know use the full functionality of the iPhone. Most of them do not go beyond the camera and the music player. But to do all that, they end up paying almost three times the price for the same hardware. For those who can afford or have pocket change, its fine.

What about the scores of people who cannot afford it. But want to own it at all cost. Paying steep EMIs, borrowing money from friends and relatives, cutting down on other expenses. All this for a status symbol which has to be changed every year! Apple iPhone is by my standards the biggest social evil these days.

PS – If I keep mentioning Apple fanboys, doesn’t mean there are no fangirls. The percentage of Apple fangirls is miniscule. After all which girl spends money on a camera.

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