Use CCleaner for Android to speed up your phone

Over a period of time and usage a smart phone accumulates lots of junk data. Phones today have tons of storage space and RAM but junk will still slow down things. Facing such a situation, a cleaning app or tool like CCleaner for Android is the perfect companion.

About CCleaner

CCleaner by Piriform has been in the cleaning business since 2004 when it launched the first edition for Windows Personal Computer. Those days it was called Crap Cleaner and did a good job cleaning junk files and freeing up space. Remember, those days were of 40 GB hard disks.

Popularity of CCleaner soared and they launched a networking and pro version. In 2012, Piriform launched a Mac version and Android version in 2014. Till date, CCleaner remains a powerful software for cleaning Windows of junk files and hard disk space and speed up the PC.

CCleaner for Android has some impressive stats. 50 Million downloads and counting and 1 Million reviews with 4.6 stars out of 5. There are higher ranked apps on the Play Store, but not with these number of downloads and reviews. CCleaner analyses storage and memory occupied and then cleans up both. Along side the automatic option, it also provides manual selection and execution of each process.

In a computer or laptop we have a hard disk or SSD for storing files and data. Plus a large amount of hard disk space is occupied by the Operating System which is Windows 10 at present. In a smartphone, storage is 32 GB or 64 GB or 128 GB. Memory in both cases is called RAM and in smartphones it is 3GB or higher. In case of any computing device, the aim of the game is keeping RAM usage to the minimum and free up storage of unnecessary clutter.

Use this link to download and install the app.

Installation of CCleaner for Android

CCleaner for Android

Ads help to keep free versions of software, free. Android Apps come inexpensive and affordable. Paid version of apps are ad free. They save processing power as well as battery power of the phone, not to mention saving data displaying all those ads. If opting to continue with the free version, be ready to live with the ads experience.

How to use CCleaner

The main window shows Two steps needed to clean the phone. First is granting permission which is mandatory for Android. This app will not perform optimally till all permissions are granted.

With all permissions granted, the app is ready for first scan.

Click on the Run the Scan button to begin. After finishing, it gives a list of files to be cleaned and space which can be freed.

Next comes the memory cleanup.

Hibernation – Android allows apps to run in the background. This puts a burden on the available memory. CCleaner analyses all apps and then suggests placing apps in hibernation. Once hibernated, those apps do not run in background.

Other features of CCleaner

The two main features of CCleaner are freeing memory and storage space.

Booster section is for freeing up memory by hibernating processes. Quick Clean is for cleaning up storage space.
Media Overview – Gives analysis of space occupied by pictures and videos. It has an in built optimizer which can compress an image without visible quality reduction. It gives folder wise breakup of files and list of big size videos.
Apps Overview – Provides a breakup of apps which are occupying space and draining battery. It has a button for Quick Boost to free memory.

Menu provides more options like Adviser which gives tips on increasing performance and getting better storage. Storage analyzer gives the breakup of space occupied. System Info provides a snap shot of phone tech specs.

Pro feature or Paid version provides a scheduler for automatic cleaning. It provides priority support and removes ads.

Help section is mostly access to forums and FQA which means it is more of a self help. However the app is so simple and user-friendly not too much help is needed to run it.

Summing it up

CCleaner for Android does a pretty good job as promised. Storage space management is main focus and it provides detailed analysis. There are not too many advertisements present within the app. Just one word of caution. Do not use any setting in auto mode which might delete your pictures or videos. If not sure, use manual settings.

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