Tips and Tricks for Suffusion : Part 1

Rounded corners look great. But flat is the in thing in menu design. Also rounded corners don’t show in Internet Explorer. So you might want to turn it off. Here is how.


Go to Suffusion Options–>Other Graphical Elements–>Miscellaneous

Select Option under “Use Rounder Corners” as shown in the snapshot above.


WordPress allows use of Favicon which appears along with the Title in your Web Browser.


The image file has to be named “Favicon.ico” without quotes and it has to be placed in the root directory.

If, for some reason, you are unable to do this, there is a workaround.

Take the desired picture in formats like jpg, png, ico or gif in square size and

Go to Suffusion Options–>Other Graphical Elements–>Favicon and use Favicon path to upload the desired image. It will appear as a favicon.

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