The content integrator to-read list

Content integration involves staying updated with trends, researching topics and being creative at the same time. It is back breaking job which involves tons of work culminating in an informative as well as interesting content. It would be so nice to have a helping hand to keep you updated. Here is my list of guides and some good people on earth who do the hard work and research so that a content integrator is updated.

Google & Search Engine

If you are remotely or directly connected to Google Search or SEO or Search Engine and content this is the place to start first. As a content integrator too you have to keep going back to this page for revision and updates.

Search Central or Search Console is the place which gives you the tools to make sure your website is discoverable by Google. It was earlier known as Google Webmasters. For updates follow their blog.

content integrator

One of the websites I go to again and again for quality research articles is Search Engine Land.

Other websites with similar content.

Google used to have a Head of Web Spam, Matt Cutts. He was the single reference point for information on Google Search and penalties. Unfortunately after he left, Google has not replaced his position with another person. Looks like as of for now there will be a team who will look after Web Spam and Google Search. His blog has a lot of old articles which are extremely well written.

While talking about Google Search it is also important to talk about Google Maps in the same vein as these two are tightly integrated.

The next contender to work on is Bing Search and their webmaster tools.

WordPress and Content Integrator

With allegedly half the internet running on WordPress it is a good idea to get updates and information from the guys at Automattic.

And the founder of WordPress.

Here is a sample article.


Instagram says that there is no such thing as algorithm but a series of algorithms. They announced this in a blog update. One of the most significant surprise was that Instagram still maintains reels is for entertainment purpose only. Detailed analysis of the blog post is as follows.

Best way to keep updated about Instagram is to follow their official blog.

Another place to get quality articles about technology changes on social media is HootSuite.


By the time we reach the end of the article, we have a dilemma. What should we share as reference for updates. Facebook is like the king out there, right at the top of the food chain. It has complete dominance over social media. With ownership of Instagram and WhatsApp, it has a social media as well as messaging platform. The bulk of revenue of Facebook Inc comes from promoted posts. Facebook Inc is now called Meta and with Oculus under their belt, they are researching making connections virtually.

The bad news for brand owners is that Facebook has made it clear many times in the past that Facebook is a social networking platform. Facebook goes all the way to ensure a quality experience for users. That means updates from family and friends and the occasional sponsored post related to business or brand. That also makes it difficult for brand owners to plan a strategy for organic marketing. Unless they pay for it.

The challenge for a content integrator is how to advertise the brand as well as make the process interesting. Interesting and captivating content is one way our. Well researched content if presented well will entice audience. Quality content however cannot always be entertaining. But if you are able to get the attention of visitor for the first few seconds, it might be easy sailing. For all those updates which come about various platforms, the final word will always be quality content.

Here is another good site to get social media updates.

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