Registration of RWA Societies in Delhi

Each state has its own laws for registration of societies. Various kinds of societies can be registered as per these rules. In this article we shall list out the various documents and references for registration of RWA Society in Delhi.

Documents for reference

The first document was shall discuss is the Booklet for Registration of Societies. Rather than being single document, this is a collection of documents. It is a sort of one stop reference for all rules relating to registration of societies. Here is a link to view it online and download it if required.

The next document for reference is the Delhi Apartment Ownership Act 1986. Here is a link to view the document and download if required.

Two other documents for cross reference.

All the documents published in this post is from respective govt websites except the last one which is linked to another website.

Other points to note

This ACT is applicable to the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Details such as Name, Address, Aim and Objectives and Governing Body have to be kept ready. Name is critical as it shall not have been registered earlier. A format for rules and regulations for the society is provided.

Rules for RWA is towards the end of the booklet at page 16.

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