Join the fight against COVID-19 by installing Aarogya Setu Mobile App

Aarogya Setu mobile app has been developed by Govt of India to provide a tool to people to fight COVID-19. On the 21st day of the lockdown period, PM Modi emphasized that every citizen should install this app on their phones and use it to fight the spread of coronavirus. In this article we shall see how this app is to be installed and what are its benefits.

How to download and install Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu mobile app is available on both Google Play store and iOS App store. You can use the following links to download the app.

Installation is simple with a brief introduction.

A few special permissions are need for the app to work properly. Let us go through each of them.

App needs special permissions for it to work properly.
Bluetooth acts as a proximity sensor, more on that later.
Location sharing has to be enabled to identify which places which you visit.
Data will be shared with Govt of India.

App interface

Aarogya Setu

After installing the app for the first time, it straightway takes you to the Self Assess screen. It starts with a few question to examine how much at a risk you are.

Some people might be concerned about the nature of questions and what will the govt do with the data. This is just a preliminary examination which gives some straight forward assessment of your risk category. It also enables govt agencies to identify likely risk areas and places. Please be truthful with the question.

The app gives basic instructions about social distancing neatly explained in graphical form.

Other features of the app

The app provides a direct interface to PMCARES which is Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief Emergency Situations Fund. This fund was created on 28 March 2020. By that time it was clear that economic cost to fight the COVID-19 is going to be phenomenal. Lockdown will affect a lot of people especially the daily wage workers. PMCARES is not just a fund but it is movement to mobilize financial resources from the citizen of the country and abroad. It provides an easy and digitally enabled way to transfer funds for helping the govt tide over this crisis. The Aarogya Setu Mobile App provides all the ways to make donations to PMCARES. It also gives the UPI link to make quick payments.

Tax benefits

Money donated to the PMCARES fund will be tax exempted and donations by corporate will be counted against Corporate Social Responsibility. The amount of money which any company has to spend in CSR is limited to that financial year. But if it is paid to PMCARES, it can be carried forward for the subsequent years also. After this fund was created many fake UPI ID’s were created by individuals to scam people. The app is strongly recommended if anyone wants to make donations to the correct account.

Information and resources

The app provides useful information in the form of videos and PDF files. It has well explained Do’s & Dont’s and Safety measures against COVID-19. With this app the govt aims to push correct and timely information on coronavirus and COVID-19. Right now the information is very basic. But eventually it will cover things in much detail. It will have information regarding testing centers and hospitals treating patients and so on.

What does this app actually do and what about the future

Using the location sharing and Bluetooth sensor, your smartphone will now act as a proximity sensor for the Govt. It will warn you if you are visiting a marked hotspot area. If you come in proximity with a person who has the virus or history of travel or is a high risk case, it will warn you to visit the nearest medical center.

It will also in future allow you to apply for e-pass to travel to work or other matters. It might also provide you with a map based services in the future.

Aarogya Setu Mobile App even though in a nascent stage is your digital tool to fight against COVID-19.

Also check out various other resources to track information.

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