Installing Microsoft Teams on laptop/notebook

Due to lockdown and wide acceptance of online classes, Microsoft Teams has gained immense popularity as the software of choice for conduct of online classes. In this article we shall see the steps needed to install Microsoft Teams on laptop or notebook.

Download Microsoft Teams for Desktop

Microsoft Teams has two versions, one for mobile and one for the desktop. Download the desktop version from the following link.

File size is about 100 MB which can be found in the Downloads folder of your laptop. Locate the file and double click on it to install. This will load the following splash screen.

After Teams is installed, it places a shortcut on the Desktop. The main interface opens up after the software is installed.

Microsoft Teams

The main screen as the following sections

Start a Chat – Teams integration with Windows ensure you can chat with friends and family even without Teams app.
Meet Now – Using this section you can create an instant meeting link.
Calendar – This loads the monthly calendar where you can fill in or share meeting details.
Account settings – This option is available at top left. By default Microsoft Teams will log in your personal account. To log in your school or work account, you have to enter the credentials supplied by them. This will be in the form of a login email and password. This will take you to the new interface which is managed by your organization.

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