I designed a WordPress site but would like to take down the website for a year. Is it possible to save my design? How

Planning to take down a WordPress website for a year? Here is what you can do. Step by Step guide.

The most important point to remember – Domain and hosting expiry

A WordPress website is hosted on a server and both the domain name and hosting package are purchased for a limited time only. This should be first on your agenda. Check the expiry dates of domain registration and hosting package. If required, renew them for adequate period.

Note down login details, phone number and registered Email ID

The most safest option is two factor authentication. However, if the authentication is by a mobile app, you need to keep a note of it on paper and keep it somewhere safe.

Login details, password, registered phone number, address and the Email ID needs to be rechecked and noted down for safe keeping.

Backup website using All-in-one WP Migration plugin

Among the many plugins available out there, All-in-one WP migration is the best out there. No wonder it features right on the top of popular plugins. In installation we get three main options.

Export option allows you to backup the complete WordPress site in a single click and single file.

You will get several options to backup, however file backup is the only one available in free version.

When an export file is created, it automatically goes to the backup. You can download the backup file from backup section too.

List of backups with size and dates are listed.

On the safer side download the backup in a safe place. Google drive is also a good option depending upon how much storage you have left.

Once the backup is done and you have downloaded the backup file, there are two options.

  • Either you can delete the website totally so that no one is able to access it.
  • Install a coming soon plugin.

One of the main factors which you need to consider is the Google search penalty your site will face for being absent for about a year.

How to display a maintenance message?

For this we shall use the WordPress plugin WP Maintenance mode and Coming soon.

You can choose between various templates.

That completes the site preparations.

Returning back to normal

  • Deactivate the maintenance mode.
  • If you have deleted the website, restore it using the All-in-one migration plugin.
  • Update the theme and plugins.
  • Update the PHP level on your hosting.

Your site will be up and running.

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