How to quick watermark images using Adobe Photoshop Express

It is a good idea to water mark images. Yes, there are enough ways to copy and remove watermarks, but there is one main benefit of branding your product image. If your image get forwarded many times, if someone wants to enquire about the product, there is no way to trace back the source. But if there is a watermark, there will always be a way to get back to the originator of the image, You!

Why use Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is the free to use app from Adobe, Plus from the looks of it, Adobe might keep it free forever. Photoshop Express is a true blue free app. There are no strings attached. Not even ads. It was released somewhere in 2019, tons of features have been added to it making it an formidable photo editing, retouching, transforming, collaging, personalizing and much more. It is still a mystery why Adobe is offering so many services as free, but who’s complaining. Considering all this, even the image resizing and watermarking option provided works like a dream. Ofcourse do not expect pro level features. But rather it does its basic job well.


Having an Adobe ID is essential for the app to work. This is the main screen.

Work area is divided into three parts. Top part has the sharing and saving options with the magic wand to auto optimise the image. The lower part are the different sections and sub sections. Middle part which is the largest is reserved for the image being processed. Everything is neatly laid out and intuitive.

One way of creating a watermark is the option of using text over images.

But this option has its limitations because firstly you can imprint only text. Also you have to do it again and again. Let us move to the actual watermark option. On the top right corner is the sharing button.

Again on the top right corner are the three dots which give options.

How to watermark

Adobe Photoshop Express gives two options for a watermark, text and image. You can define its position, size and opacity. The last image and text remains saved. This helps to reuse the text or image repeatedly even if we exit the app.

To insert an image as watermark, select image option and choose the image.

You can get a preview of how the watermarked image will be visible before saving it. This is how the final image looks after saving. The logo is a 60% transparent level.

The same procedure is used for text watermark.

Please note that if you do not need the watermark, you will have to choose the none option every time you save, else the watermark will come in images by default. This feature has been inserted keeping in mind the photobloggers who need to brand their images before posting them on social media.

Notice the text watermark at bottom right corner.

What you will like and what you wont

This app is definitely the quick and basic way to add watermark text or logo. Do not expect any advanced features because it gives a quick way to watermark. This app allows you to place the watermark at fixed places on the edges only. There is no way to place the watermark at specific location within the image. You cannot change the font or colour. There is a work around that you predesign your text and then save it as an image and insert it using this app. Overall, for those who want to quickly brand their pictures and are already using this app, this is a win win situation.

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