How to hack : A Proof of concept

No one uses the word HACK anymore these days. Simply asking for the password is easier. Hacking tools ruled the roost, but that was some time back. It was common to find unsecured networks, simple passwords and shaky Windows OS. But recent times security has improved manyfold. Hacking has  become a forgotten word due to reasons like Hardware encryption, two set authentication and increased awareness. Which is why there was a general surprise when a colleague asked for  collection of hacking tools. The tools were required to conduct a demonstration on cyber security and to increase its awareness.

Preparation for demonstration

The search for hacking tools in the internet begins with the problem that there are far too many dated tools and tutorials available. And most of them remain un updated or taken off due to antiquity. Most of the tools are pertaining to the Windows XP OS era.

We shifted across scores of tools like Cain & Able, BackTrack, Ohpcrack and so on, and finalised the following.

Ohpcrack. For its sheer simplicity and ease of use. Not 100% success in retrieving lost or forgotten passwords. Download the ISO image from the website, burn it as an image on CD/DVD. Boot from CD to load the OS and it start analysing the hash tables to extract the passwords. Here is a URL to a tutorial on the same.

Use Ohpcrack to recover forgotten Windows passwords

Hiren Boot CD. Not fully satisfied with the success rate of Ohpcrack, Hiren Boot CD will finish the job for you. Hiren Boot CD is a collection of tools, one among them is password and registry collection which clears Windows OS passwords. Hiren Boot CD has near 100% success rate in clearing a password. Here is a URL to a tutorial on the same.

Use Hiren Boot CD to clear Windows passwords

Metasploit and Kali Linux. There is no better demonstration than gaining access to a PC on the network. It gives the WOW factor in any demonstration. Kali Linux is the successor to the most popular Linux security distribution till date, Backtrack. Metasploit is used to gain access to primarily Windows XP PCs on the network.  Here is the URL covering installation of Kali Linux and using Metasploit.

At the end of it, note that it is just for demonstration purpose and ease of understanding for the intended audience. Kali Linux has lots of tools to monitor the network and its infrastructure.

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