WordPress 5.9.3 update giving critical errors [Solved]

WordPress 5.9.3 update is giving sleepless nights to WordPress admins. There are too many failures while installation and many of them are giving a critical error. The kind which right now dosen’t have too many easy solutions.

You just get a cryptic message which says “There has been a critical error on this website”.


A simple google search gives a lot of tutorials on debugging WordPress and taking care of the errors thrown. But we shall in this article explore a two pronged approach to take care of this problem the faster way.

Apparently the rumour doing the rounds is that WordPress falls a little behind in compatibility with PHP. The latest version of PHP is 8.1 and your hosting provider will prompt you to upgrade the PHP version of your WordPress installation. So is there a tangible benefit to upgrading. NO. You are still good with PHP 7.4 which is the stable version for WordPress. So until you are really looking for that slight edge, my suggestion is “do not upgrade”.

Other option is even if you want to upgrade, first make a complete backup of the site and then attempt one.

After the error throws up

The debugging mostly throws up an error with the plugins. So you can delete the plugin which is the culprit. Another solution which was offered is by one of the WordPress users.

  • Download a fresh copy of WordPress
  • Look for the wp-includes inside the zip file
  • Replace the folder on your website with the new one
  • Your site is live

Most of my errors are coming from hosting providers who throttle your resources. Best example is GoDaddy. So if you are having a hosting account with them, it is best not to upgrade the PHP version.

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