WhatsApp video calling

WhatsApp has recently updated their app and introduced Video Calling feature. This is a killer move by the company which has been recently acquired by Facebook. Since the negative publicity Facebook has received due to its ill conceived idea to access user data, this is some bright news for WhatsApp. We hope that WhatsApp video calling feature will be a huge success for this favourite app.

How to use WhatsApp video calling feature

There are many ways in the app to access this feature, but the fastest one is to click on the DP of the contact in the contacts list. Once the display picture opens, you now get three options for message, voice call and video call as shown below.

Call quality of WhatsApp video calling

Till now we were dependent of apps and software like Skype. While the technology and algorithms of Skype were far advanced, it lost on the smartphone apps race. It is just a matter of time they challenge the domination of Skype. WhatsApp video calling does far better in low data speed scenario which is a challenge in all countries.

Video quality is good and there is no call drop even at low speeds. Low light handling is excellent. You can also use both the front and rear cameras with the switch at the touch of a button. While Skype used to drop the video if quality was deteriorating, WhatsApp does not indulge in such stunts.

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