WhatsApp Gallery update saves phone space

Anyone who is active on social media will face this problem one time or the other. Many people infact have left WhatsApp groups for just one reason. It fills up phone space too fast. Huge sized whatsapp group means photos and videos come in hard and fast. And even if you have sufficient space, the data is too much to even delete one by one. All this while, no one even wondered why the pics and vids download on your phone. After all everything from Facebook to Instagram just show it to you and finish it off. WhatsApp Gallery Update now helps you save your precious phone storage space.

Latest WhatsApp update shows media

To access the new feature open any group. Open the group menu by touching three vertical dots on the top right. In the menu which is displayed, choose Group Info which is at the top. Under Group Info select Media Visibility. This opens an option box like this.

WhatsApp Gallery update

How does WhatsApp Gallery update work

The three options work like this. Default option is Yes. This means that anyone sharing media in the group will automatically download on your phone storage. Second option is Yes. This option is to override the default settings for Media Auto-download. If it has been set to No Media, the Yes option will download media shared in that group to your phone.

For those who do not want any media to be saved to the phone, chose the last option which is No. The reason for giving this option to each group is that you can opt for groups like family and friends which share pics of your interest. 

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