Two online options for removing background

Removing background from an image, here are two online tools. Adobe Photoshop Express and Remove(.)bg.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe provides an online website based tool for background removal. It can be accessed from the following link.

The front page shows an option to upload you image.

Adobe Photoshop Express provides six tools to edit images, one of them is background remover. It is a surprise that adobe decides to give this feature free, maybe because of the scores of app which also do the same. Also a good way to improve the algorithm for their main flagship software.

To begin the background removal process click on Remove Background button on the left.

The process is pretty fast and takes a matter of seconds. It also gives you options of replacing the background with solid colours.

Free background removal tool pretty much does the job well but gets confused with multiple faces, especially the ones in the background.

This tool does not give any option of editing the picture after the background has been removed.

This online website provides a comprehensive solution for removing background. It gives a software to download for windows and even a Photoshop extension. is all about background removal only.

The image can be further edited. It enables you to blur background or add new one. You also get the option of uploading your own background.

Erase/Restore tools also helps edit the picture from which the background has been removed.

Which is better for removing background is miles ahead of Adobe Photoshop Express. Not only it does a good job of removing the background, it also has additional tools too. It also has a desktop version for better editing control. Integration with photoshop takes it to a new level.


All images used in this article have been downloaded from Pexel – the best source for stock pictures for free.

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