Three Features of iPhone 13 that are helping the environment

iPhone 13 was launched on 14th September 2021 and like all Apple launch events, this one was watched by the world over. While most of us focused on the tech aspects and new features in this article let us highlight the changes which help save the environment.

  • No charger in box
  • No plastic cover on the box
  • 100% recycled materials inside the phone

Charger not bundled

The iconic picture of an iPhone now shows the handset and a strange cable.

Picture Source – Apple Website

That cable is the USB-Type C to Lightning. The story of Lightning port which is found only on Apple phone begins with the need of Apple Inc to have proprietary technology thereby providing little extra to their customers. That was long time back when the technology was cutting edge. Now all mobile phones have moved to the universal USB-C connector. Apple claims that they were forced to keep the port so that existing customers are not burdened with extra expenditure.

But what Apple has done is removed the charger from the box. That results in saving to overall cost of handset and the environment too.

Apple takes out a new phone model every year. Handsets have many improvements over the previous version. While people do criticise such repeated enhancement, it is part of their business model to do so. In many ways, Apple has taken a bold step forward of not including the charger in the box.

No plastic cover on box

Picture Source – Apple Website

We all like out mobile phones in their box with a plastic cover intact. The cover serves dual purpose, saves the box from damage and scratches and provides a seal cover which is tamper-proof to a certain degree.

Removing the plastic cover is part of the unboxing experience and it is therapeutic. Though the box itself is sealed, the plastic sometimes is just for the kicks. By removing the plastic, Apple has helped the environment in a substantial way.

Recycled material inside the phone

Every year millions of handsets are used and dumped. Recycling such a huge electronic waste is a challenge. What adds on to the problem is each new handset consumes that extra bit of new material from the market and then straight to the landfill.

Image Source – Apple Website

The shell of Apple phones is made of aluminium. By using recycled material rather than new, Apple helps their contribution to the environment.

We have mentioned just a few things that Apple has done with their products and process. However there are many other steps that Apple has taken across their entire range of products to make our earth a better place.

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