Three essential apps for the social media architect

A social media architect designs transition of persons or brands from the real world to online world. Such a person needs to be familiar and updated with the latest trends as well as technologies and understand business economics with customer behaviour. Primary tool of this road warrior is a smartphone. Here are the five most essential apps to conquer the world of social media.


Arguably the most powerful app in store for a social media architect. Logo, poster, video, you can throw anything at this, it will not disappoint.

On the home screen there are categories which covers all possible options required on social media and even desktops. Odd things like CD cover, magazine cover, newsletter, label, gift card, ID card, and much more. Each category has hundreds of samples. Select a sample and hit the edit button. For those who wants to begin with a clean slate, there is always a blank. Size wise, this is a winner since you can accurately cover each post size.

Finally, there is Account settings and team. You can be a part of team and share designs which can be edited. Also whatever designs you prepare on smartphone can appear on the PC or laptop and editing can be done from anywhere. There are far too many features of Canva which cannot be covered here. So just go ahead and enjoy

PicsArt Photo Editor

If you need a powerful photo editor, look no beyond PicsArt. The kind of freshness and innovations needed on social media these days, this app handles it all. From the basic changes to a picture and all the necessary effects and filters to the advanced functions, its all there. There are so many tools and options to edit and remake a picture. Adding text or even editing text is a breeze. Packed with features, this is your swiss knife for social media.


This app can be purchased for its pro version which has the biggest bang for the bucks. Any kind of video editing requirements can be handled by this app. It allows you to choose multiple videos or pictures to make a slideshow. This app has pre-made special effects with transitions and music. Additional resources can be downloaded as required. You can add stickers, subtitles and text at any point or frame. Trimming, cutting, editing, compressing and the list goes on. Final output can be exported in standard definition or high definition or GIF. This is your tool for video editing.

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