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Instagram is a popular smartphone app which allows members to upload and share photos and videos. Instagram is also a tool for bloggers to further reach out to a wider audience in a cooler way. The focus of this article will be to understand the concept of Tags for Instagram and exploit it as a blogger.

For readers who are not familiar with Instagram, it is recommended to read the following article on the use of Instagram in general with specific use for bloggers.

How bloggers use Instagram

What are Tags for Instagram

Instagram is a photo and clips sharing app with social connect. While commenting on pics posted by your friends, Instagram has provided a way to hyperlink the name of friends/followers and the trending topic. @ tag is for Friends/Followers and # tag is for trending topics.

This way we can enter comments in the text area as well as insert a hyperlink to another user or link it to a topic.

Using @ tag in Instagram

In the text area while inserting the description of the photo prior to upload or in the comment area when you use @ and start typing a the first few letters, the auto complete windows pops open with the suggested list of friends and allows you to choose one.

Tags for Instagram
@ tag to mark friends
Tags of Instagram
Use of @ tag in photo description before uploading.

Using # tag in Instagram

The # tag in Instagram allows you to mark your photo or clip as a trending topic. Then your photo will be listed in search results if anyone types in search for that topic. # tag again can be inserted in the comments area or the text area for description.

Tags in Instagram
Use of # tag in photo description

Use of # tag in your photo will also help you to create a photo album with your user name or any other name of your choice. It will display all your photos in search result.

# tag in Instagram
Use of # tag as photo album

Remember not populate your photo with lots of tags lest it get too crowded. Also note that you cannot use spaces with tags. Typically you tag should look like #thetimelock and not # the timelock.

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