[Solved] Bullet lists visible in text editor but not on page – WordPress

WordPress and Elementor users might face the problem of bulleted list not showing on page. It is visible in the text editor where the content is typed in. But after publishing the page it is not visible. Here is how it looks.

A suggested quick fix

Someone has suggested to change the text editor from visual to text and then back again. That did not work for me, but might with you.

Another quick fix – definitely works

This fix is easy as you have to shift to the default page template.

There is a seemingly compatibility issue of WordPress widgets and how they handle unordered lists. That is why bulleted lists are disabled by default.

If the above solution does now work or there is a need to use other templates then the next fix is what you should be looking at.

The final fix – Updating CSS

Open the WordPress Customize and type the following code in Additional CSS.

.bullets ul{
list-style: square !important;

This should work for you.

Here is the link for the thread about this discussion.


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