Siftr : The closing remarks had reviewed when it was launched. Here is a link to the review.

Siftr: A great tool for Photobloggers

About six months down the line it is necessary to close the review. In the earlier article, we had brought about that this website will go through further testing.

But siftr is a web app. I do not know the future roadmap but they sure must be having a smartphone app in mind next.

What is siftr

Siftr is a portfolio website which displays your best photographs from the social networks and displays them, portfolio style on their website. Since siftr picks up photographs using an algorithm, it is an intelligence website. Bloggers or photographers now no longer need to keep a track of their most popular photos.

Four sources for images for Siftr

Who decides which photos are popular

No one can truly predict which photo or image can climb the popularity ranks. But it is the social media which decides which photo is popular. Siftr simply picks up that information and showcases your photos as a slideshow or a tiled gallery.


Also note the sponsored photo of a brand of coffee in the gallery.

Siftr also sends you periodic notifications to your mail ID to update you on the status of your photographs. While most of the work keeps happening in the background, it is good to know the status of your portfolio once in awhile.

mail to self

What else does Siftr have

Most of Siftr services are now paid. Primarily among them is the ability to display your own domain if you own it. Siftr also offers analytics. This will enable you to find out the viewers traffic.

plan upgrades

Siftr is a great concept and it works well. Sponsored images and a paid plan ensures that revenue keeps coming to the website for further development. Every person who indulges in images on the internet should use the services of Siftr.

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