Siftr: A great tool for Photobloggers

Photographers or Photobloggers have limited SEO options for their Web Content. Hence they rely on the social networks to showcase their content.  A great way to showcase content is to create a portfolio. Photographers now have a great number of options and tools at their disposal. But the social network maze is getting increasingly complex.

While Google Photos or Flickr might be a good way to manage and display your photographs, they are severely limited by the fact the one still has to upload the collections of photographs separately to each of them. Linking them to the Social Network is another challenge.

A Photography Website

So I am maintaining a photography website

Are the other two options good for me.


Having a sub domain with reputed platforms like Blogger by Google or WordPress is a powerful SEO Tool. But you will end up with having to maintain three websites. Not to mention, this subdomain website is not doing anything active.

Lets assume that the subdomain platform is now able to do something active.

Enter, Siftr, the photography website.

Features of Siftr

At first glance, Siftr looks just like an ordinary subdomain. But on a simple investigation, it reveals the true intent.

Showcase your photographs with clarity and ease

Its not just a website, but an intelligent software to pick up your photographs from the social networks

Starting with Siftr

The opening page is just a link to create a website.


There are three ways to link up and create an account. While this might look like a limitation, it actually is a brilliant way to link up for the first time.


Once linked up, you get a confirmation of your subdomain/website.


Rest of the interface is pretty simple and straightforward. I will put this website through the paces for the next few weeks and see how it benefits me as a photographer and whether it WORKS for me. Till then have a look at some of its features.

getstart1 getstart2 getstart3 getstart4 getstart5

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