Scan anything with Adobe Scan and PDF it

Fed up of buggy apps like cam scan, docs scanner, cat scan and scan chat. Is work getting affected by limits of free apps. Are kids wasting time scanning while submitting online assignments? Time to switch to the more dependable and efficient Adobe Scan app.

Adobe Scan PDF Scanner & OCR

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Adobe Scan is made by the inventors of PDF. It is designed for quick scan and sharing documents. There are the features of Adobe Scan.

  • Free document scanning app
  • Scan any kind of document, even photos and white boards
  • Scan business cards and save information as contact
  • Scan multiple pages of a book
  • Clean up stains on paper or creases
  • Share and export scanned documents to the cloud or email it
  • Scan hand written notes and directly upload to apps like Google Classroom

As soon as the pages are scanned and ready, they are uploaded to the cloud. This along with the business card saving feature is what sets this app apart from others.


Main features

Let us see how each feature works.

adobe scan

The main screen is divided in four parts. Dominating central portion for scanning, two rows of buttons and icons at the bottom and finally a home button at top left.

Scanning options are whiteboard, form, document and business card. The last row has five buttons. Starting from left to right, photo gallery, auto capture on/off, circular button for capture, flash on/off and scanned docs.

Home button gives access to your account and preferences, help section and access to online forums.

Adobe give multiple sign-in options, the most effective being logging in to your Adobe ID. This will upload your scanned document to Adobe Document Cloud where you can organize files in a better manner. The app also has direct option to open the scan in Adobe Acrobat Reader app where the PDF document can be edited. Acrobat comes with added premium features also.

App recognizes the scan area which can be edited. Corp options help trim the capture area.

Once scanning is over the documents come to the bottom right. It shows the count of documents scanned. Documents are arranged in the sequence that they are scanned. In the next window, each document can be cropped, rotated and resized. New documents can be added or removed. Once done, hit the Save PDF button.

PDF created is first uploaded to the cloud. It is a good option because it does not save to your device which may lead to clutter. Share option can be used to directly send to document to any app like google drive or gmail.

Save Contact option is for saving details off a business card or address block in any document.

More option next to the three dots open the following options.

Newly created PDF can be saved to your device, the scan can be modified or deleted.

How well it works

Nifty little app works fast and does not clog the system. There are no ads anywhere and it delivers what it promises. The app is simple to use and has basic options just enough for the job. Scanned documents can be resized and cleaned up with the eraser tool. If the app is linked up with Adobe Account, the documents can be opened from the PC also. The best feature of this app is rapid scanning of handwritten notes and converting it to PDF. Just point the camera in the direction of the document, hold it steady and app does the rest.

Adobe Scan is definitely an big leap from the crowd of cam scanner apps. Coming from the stables of Adobe gives it more security since the scanned documents go directly to your account. Take in the plunge and try the app without any hesitation.

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