Safeguard against Card cloning

When you own a plastic card, it is good idea to secure it. You may have the luck of never encountering any unpleasant incident with your debit or credit card. Otherwise you make sure that there is no security lapses from your side. Or you are ready for the inevitable misfortune.

Safeguards common to both credit and debit card

When you receive a card by post, check if it in a sealed condition. If not, straightway go for a replacement. If your bank allows you to collect the card from your branch in person, do so. Check for a sealed package at the bank too.

PIN will be mailed separately. Check seals again. Some banks may ask you collect the PIN from the branch in person. After the PIN is received, change it immediately. Destroy the old PIN by burning. Do not write down the PIN anywhere. Memorise it. Do not share it with anyone. Make a difficult to guess PIN. No familiar data like date of birth or mobile number.

Every card transaction has to be intimated to you on your mobile phone. Use a post paid mobile phone connection for better security.

While typing in the PIN, cover the keypad with one hand. Do not worry about strange stares from public. Make sure not too many people are around you while keying in the PIN.

Change your PIN at regular intervals.

Do not let the card leave your sight. Wireless POS are available commonly. Else just walk to the counter.

Note down the customer care numbers to call in case of any problem.

When disaster strikes

As soon as a fraud has occurred, start the hotlisting procedure as soon as possible. You will get an intimation on the mobile if any transaction has been done. Whenever you come across it, call up the customer care number immediately. Lodge a complaint with the police. Make sure that you have all records carefully kept. The bank will carry out its investigation. If it is a cloned card case, the liability is completely of the bank. Remember the card was cloned in the premises of the Bank ATM. But you need to apply lots of pressure on the bank. Else they will not move easily.

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