Roundup of RWA Society Apps

As the size of societies in megacities grow, it becomes a compulsion to go smart. Now a days with a smartphone in each hand, we explore the apps available to ease the day to day management of RWA. Android apps get priority over iOS due to obvious reasons.

Date of Review : Dec 2016

Apps to be reviewed in this series

The shortlisted apps are listed below. Actually the list is very small. Seems these apps have come up in the last couple of years. So enough data is not available on actual usage.

The Apartment App by ADDA as a set of three apps

This app by far is the most downloaded one as well as most popular. Might not mean anything as they might have had a head start on the race. It has apps for both android as well as iOS. Each society which is registered gets its own website and a bulletin board. Plus there is private discussion forum for the society. All these features are also available on the website.


A professionally managed app. Has apps for android as well as iOS. All functions of app can be done through a PC based website too.


The most popular app, but way behind the first one as far as usage is concerned. They have a set of two apps which gets good.

Apartment App by Apna Complex

Has lots of users and reviews on Play store, but many of them are negative with one star. This indicates bugs and possibly issues of customer support. Needs a check esp the user reviews.

iSociety Connect

Relatively new app and less usage data available.


Relatively new app and less usage data available.

How the apps will be reviewed

It is very important that the app should offer all services free. Paid support is fine. Even the concept of free for non profit use is good enough. A paid app should be a pro level app, so that people get what they are paying for.

User Reviews are very important. Any issues unaddressed will get negative marking. Presence of a pro website for the app is also helpful. Having support offices in different cities will be definitely a plus.

The need for separate apps for different functions is fine. But if those functions are offered by a single app why have multiple apps for the same job.

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