Revive your Android battery with Advanced Battery Calibrator app

There are many reasons why your android smartphone battery may start behaving funny. Problems with the battery will be long charging times, battery and phone heating, quick drop in charge or not charging till 100%. While battery no doubt is a hardware part, but since some of its parameters are recorded by Android OS, there might be some chance of saving it.

A few things about smartphone battery

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Power Banks for your gadgets

Battery tech remains same for power bank or smartphone. Battery needs to be charged carefully after you buy a new smartphone. Please maintain a strict charging discipline. A full charge for a large screen smart phone usually lasts for only one day. To save from the trouble of a discharged cell battery, we keep the phone plugged in wherever possible. This is where the problem begins.

A charging cycle is one charge from zero to 100 % charge and discharge from 100% to zero. Even if you do not charge to 100% and stop at say 70% and then use it again means you have used up half a cycle. Number of charging cycles of each battery are fixed. If high quality components are used, the chemicals in the battery will last longer and give more charging cycles.

For the first few charging cycles, the battery has to be charged at least up to 95 % and then allow it to discharge till about 10 % before charging again. Use only the authorised charger provided with the smartphone. Do not use the phone while charging, even to check messages. Playing games while charging the phone is a severe threat to the life of the battery. In fact battery is the first thing that loses its potency with prolonged smartphone use.

Ways to revive a smartphone battery

There are three ways to revive a battery.

  • Keep the battery in the freezer for 24 hours. Make sure to wrap it in a airtight plastic sleeve. Remove it and allow to cool to room temperature. This process is used to revive a notebook battery. Might work for a smartphone battery too.
  • Reset the phone might clear all data and battery data too. But this means losing all your settings and other saved items.
  • Use a smartphone app like Advanced Battery Calibrator.

In this article we shall focus on the third approach to revive a smartphone battery. We shall use a nifty app called Advanced Battery Calibrator. This tiny app has some simple steps to be followed to reset battery info which is stored in the Android OS. Success rate is 50% depending on the condition of your phone.

Here is a result of search for battery calibration apps on Google Play Store.

The app we shall use is Advanced Battery Calibrator.

advanced battery calibrator

Once you open the app, there is an advertisement splash screen. You need to skip it.

Please check the tiny cross mark at the top left of the screen. This will close the advertisement and take you to the main screen.

Steps are pretty simple and straightforward. The important point to be noted is that the battery has to be charged to 100% after switching off the phone. The phone will remain off during the charging. If you are lucky, you will have a revived battery after the calibration is over.


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