QuickPHP Lightweight Standalone Bloat-free Portable PHP Server

We were looking for options for a portable web server. This came up due to the fact that we needed to show a website under development to someone. The website could be carried only on a CD or DVD. So as per the terms and conditions defined, the website has to be opened from within the CD without installation of any software on the PC. Had it been a static HTML file, then the files could have been simply opened from the CD. But the website being PHP, there had to be a web server and that too portable. After a lot of search we hit upon a simple solution in the form of QuickPHP Lightweight PHP Server.

QuickPHP Lightweight PHP Server

  • The salient features of this software is as follows
  • Lightweight at 500KB is size
  • Standalone server which can run from device
  • No installation required
  • Runs both HTML and PHP files

Download link for the software and detailed description is available at the following URL


The download is available in a zip file. It contains the following files.

list of files quickphp


Testing QuickPHP

We create a temporary PHP file to test the working of QuickPHP Lightweight PHP Server.

php file for testing quickphp

Running the exe file opens the following window.


These are the default settings for QuickPHP. You will have to change the IP address and the Root Folder. Root Folder is the location where the website contents are located. After changes this is how it looks.


Once all things are in place, you can hit the Start button. Opening any web browser and typing in localhost or the IP address with the port number will open the PHP file.


Clicking the stop button will stop the web server. Settings are retained if the exe file is on the hard disk. Same will be true in a pen drive which is writable. If on a CD or DVD however the settings might not get saved.


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