Quick tips for Windows 10

Hidden windows secrets

A few nifty tips to make your windows work. This digital story will cover a few tips and tricks for Windows 10 Operating System. Few of them will also work with Windows 8 too. Sometimes we all get stuck with settings and them google them. This list should cover most of them.

Enable My Computer Icon on Desktop

For reasons best understood by Microsoft, a new computer does not display My Computer icon on the desktop. This is one of the first things to be done on a newly purchased Windows computer.

Go to Settings > Personalization > Themes. To the right look for Related settings and Select Desktop icon settings.

Technology has always been about making the impossible possible and with Windows XP we hope to do just that, open up new possibilities.

Bill Gates at the launch of Windows XP on 25th Oct 2001.

Why a metered connection setting is important

Windows 10 consumes your internet connection without your permission. It utilises your upload bandwidth to push updates to other computers over the internet. This way it saves itself a lot of money by avoiding sending updates to each and every computer over the internet.

If you are on a limited data plan like if you are using a mobile hotspot you need to set your WiFi connection as metered.

Go to Start–Settings–Network & Internet. Select WiFi Properties and select metered connection as On.

Save your digital assets online

Gone are the days when you were asked by Microsoft to note down the Windows Key in a safe place. Your Windows Key information is now stored on the cloud and connected to your Microsoft Account.

Go to Start–Settings–Accounts. Under “Your Info” if you are able to see the word Adminstrator along with an email ID.

Under Start–Settings–Activation if you can see “Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft Account” means that your Windows Key is stored in the cloud.

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