Online resources and information on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Information moves fast in today’s connected world. Social media and messengers services have helped create awareness and update us with information. The need of the hour is to understand the basic precautions that need to be followed. A lot of online resources have come up to give us updated information on the status of the spread of COVID-19.

WHO website

For all updates and resources on COVID-19. Way back in January, the WHO had ignored early warning signs and did not think that the infection was serious enough. But it did put up updates on precautions on the website. Now their portal is updated with the latest information.

WHO has primarily two resources for providing information. First is the website with a dedicated page for Novel Coronavirus.

Second is the WhatsApp information service. It provides latest information and guidance from WHO.

In case the link is not working, the direct number to save as contact is +41 79 893 18 92

MyGov Corona Helpdesk

Govt of India in collaboration with WhatsApp has launched a similar service for local users. This service will provide latest updates regarding the spread of the infection in India.


Use the link below to subscribe to this service or directly use the WhatsApp number given in the picture.

Govt of India website on COVID-19

To provide information on local news and one place to provide all links and resources with updated advisories, Govt of India has a dashboard.

The website is of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Govt of India.

Other generic dashboards

Map by Google. May not be accurate and updated on a regular basis.

Dashboard & a Map created by a doctor and student of John Hopkins University and Medicine.

Bing and Microsoft has also created a map with latest news and updates

Articles on Coronavirus & COVID-19

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