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The dreaded mail from Google Webmaster finally arrived. Choice was between how good the desktop site will look, but lead to lots of horizontal scrolling on a touch enabled smart phone. The mail read something like this



People are buying smart phones like crazy and majority of them big screen touch enabled smartphones. Google needs to cash on this craze. So much so that Google had to sacrifice their much touted Google Authorship. Read about it here

Most CMS platforms and Blog platforms are mobile friendly with the word go. For example if your blog is hosted on Blogger by Google, its already mobile friendly. If you are using, then choose a mobile friendly theme.

For a self hosted WordPress website, you have two main options.


Go to Setting, scroll down to Mobile Theme and activate the module. It provides a mobile friendly website at the click of a mouse. But the downside is there are very limited options and the results are not every encouraging.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin.

This plugin on the other hand exceeded all expectations. Firstly its works wonderful out of the box, without touching any settings. Your self hosted WordPress website passes the Mobile Friendly Test with flying colours.

Installation is as easy as 1-2-3. Search the plugin and click install. Activate the plugin and head to the settings. Configure core settings and menu as required. Lots of customisation options.



Its a free plugin. Hence recommend tick the Display in footer option.



Configuration of menu is also easy. After each setting is changed, you can preview the results in a mobile sized screen, by clicking Preview Theme.

As soon as possible head to the Mobile Friendly Test. It came out with awesome results.



WPtouch Mobile Plugin deserves a full review of all features. This will be done soon. But for the time being this plugin is the one stop solution to render a mobile friendly self hosted WordPress website.

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