Understanding Google Search results : Sitelinks

If a visitor types in any search word in the Google Search Box, the display of search results is a culmination of years of effort and evolution of Google as a search engine. The search results space is divided in number of section or parts. In this article we will get a closer look towards Sitelinks.

What is Google Sitelinks.

As per Google Sitelinks are additional links being shown under the main search result. A simple description is given at the following URL


Here is an example of Sitelinks shown in Google Search results for this website.


Now if you see closely, Google is showing six more search results below soonev. It is also showing the site title and site description. At the time of writing, as per Google the display of Sitelinks is completely automated and depends on the number of visitors reaching to specific pages on your website. This of course can be analysed using Google Analytics, but it is upto Google to decide whether Sitelinks have to be shown for your website on not.

Webmasters have had mixed results for the time frame by which the Sitelinks will start appearing on Google Search results. But a good start point would be submission of your website to Google Webmasters which is now known as Google Search Console.

How to demote a Sitelink.

Once your Sitelinks start appearing in Google Search results, you can inform Google Webmasters about any particular link that you do not want to be shown in search results. For this you have to go to the Dashboard of the Website, select Search Appearance and insert the URL which you want to demote. IN case of soonev.com. we have demoted the three tags which were not required to be shown in the search results.


Incase a link has been submitted and you wish to cancel the demotion, it can be done in the same section.


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