Flipkart App, Now the better choice.

First flash sale for LeEco Le 1s smartphone sold 70,000 units in 2 seconds on Feb 02, 2016.

Second flash sale on Feb 09, 2016 sold 95,000 units in 20 seconds.

Welcome to the frenzy of flash sale and your weapon of choice, the Flipkart App.

A few years back, when online shopping sites launched sale for a limited period of days on special occasions like festive season or weekends, little did they realise that such overwhelming will be the response that their servers will come down crashing. And a result of that, Flipkart, one of the leading online shopping portals announced that within a fixed time frame, they might move their entire business to a smartphone app.

What is the Flipkart App.

Flipkart App is a smartphone application. It is installed on your smartphone and you can carry out all activities which you normally carry out on the PC using a web browser to surf the Flipkart Website. The primary difference between the Flipkart App and using the Flipkart website on a PC is speed.

Flipkart App

How the Flipkart App scores over the Flipkart Website.

When a user is exploring Flipkart Website, a certain amount of information has to be delivered to the user to complete his/her experience. Also there is certain information which has to be placed on a website mandatorily. This may or may not enhance user experience, but definitely will end up cluttering a website with lots of information. Standardisation and security of a payment system also means that there will have to be a certain mandatory steps to be performed while executing a transaction.

When the same steps are executed on a smartphone, speed is greatly enhanced and the number of steps are reduced. Also the bandwidth required to carry out the transaction is greatly reduced.

Installation of Flipkart App is highly recommended.

How to Download the Flipkart App.

The app is available for all major mobile OS. Please use the following link to install the app directly on your smartphone.


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