[Solved] Problem of featured image not showing in links due to All-in-One SEO plugin

All-in-One SEO plugin for WordPress is the original SEO plugin. The number one position however has been taken over by other plugins, Yoast being the most popular. Rank Math is another plugin which is gaining popularity. One of the most frustrating experience with AIO SEO plugin is the problem with featured image not showing up in links. With the default settings, the links will always be loaded with the single image everywhere. There are scores of thread which describe the problem.

Description of problem

This is the featured image set for the main page of a website. But while sharing the links on WhatsApp and Facebook, this image is not shown.

This happens because of the default settings of AIO SEO in social media section.

As you can see from the above image, the default post image is set at default while there is no default image set in the settings below. As a result, Facebook or WhatsApp picks up the next available image or the best available image from the website or post or page.


To rectify change the default image to Featured Image as shown above. Save changes and exit. Check if the changes are accepted. Do the same for Twitter tab also.

Same social media settings are available for each post or page under AIO SEO settings at the bottom. These settings take the default from the site wide settings.

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