Display content from other websites.

The moment the though of bringing content from other websites,  comes to mind. Slam, the answer is RSS.

But this article will be focus on some thing more than RSS and the usual widget/sidebar display.

1.     Using a simple hyper link

<a href=”https://soonev.com”>main</a>

<a href=’https://soonev.com/about/’ target=”_blank”>About</a>

In the first instance the word “main” will only be displayed while in the second instance the target URL will open in a new window on click of the word “About”.

(sorry folks, I am actually writing this article for a specific need, hence the novice instructions.)

Just the one word will be displayed, but remember it is a good back link. I use it in comments to link up with the target websites. Say for example if a fellow Blogger leaves a comment on my article.

2.     A plugin called “RSS Multi Importer”

Now this plugin is a piece of work. In fact there will be a complete review of this plugin sometime soon. But right now it is suffice to say that if you want to display the latest content from multiple websites this is the one to help you out. Content will be displayed with/without photos, plain titles or excerpts, and so on. Lots of options.

3.     Another plugin “Page View”

This plugin uses the iframe code to display the complete front page (or any page) of a website within your post or page. It uses shortcode so that you can use it anywhere, and no messing with codes. It offers the following flexibility

title      –   Title
desc       –    Description
width   –    Width for the display in percent or pixel format
height  –    Height for display
border  –    ‘yes’ or ‘no’
scrolling  – Display scroll bars ‘yes’ or ‘no’

An example [pageview url=”https://soonev.com” height=”600px” width=”800px” border=”yes” scrolling=”yes”]

This plugin is quite old and has not been updated by its author, but it is very basic and does its job well.

4.     The iframe code

Here is the code itself.

<iframe src=”https://soonev.com” width=”800″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”yes”>


Here is a snapshot of the webpage showing the iframe




Note: There can be variations in the code as you desire the output. Say with border or without, scrolling and the height and width adjustments. Remember to paste the code in the text editor and not visual.

Is there anything else or any other way to show outside content in your website. Do share your thoughts


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