A meeting place for bloggers : Part 1

Bloggers like to talk, sometimes a lot. And for those who love to talk want an audience. Not everyone is a good listener. And patient listeners, they are all but gone. But all this while we fail to notice, a fellow blogger is going to be a good listener, patient and understanding, he/she will read the article and offers views, suggestions and just drop in a few words of encouragement. It is this platform that websites like BlogAdda strive to provide.

I have yet to explore all the features. Maybe a detailed review later. But for the time being these are the main features offered:

  1.     A two column, responsive, magazine layout.

  2.     Welcome bias towards new members.

  3.     Top Stories in a neat tabbed featured layout as top stories.

  4.     A dedicated place on the homepage to show your latest posts. Its actually a chat box, but does its job well.

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